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What is Port Forwarding? Where do I find more information?

Sometimes referred to as tunneling, mapping an open port is the actual act of forwarding a port from one machine to another. Used in a NAT router situation, the port is forwarded to a private internal address. This is common with home broadband and small business users when one wishes to run a service or server from inside their own network.

Examples of port forwarding:

Forwarding port 6881 through 6889 for BitTorrent to
Forwarding port 14567 (UDP) for Battlefield 1942 to

When a user requests to login to your Battlefield server at your public ip address they would request it at port 14567, this request would actually be answered by an internal server of your network (in this case To the requesting machine all they know is that when they requested your_public_ip at port 14567 it got a server response.

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