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We are rolling out new sites and are looking for command line savvy folks to contribute to our new site. Your command line is a site that focuses on the command line of all operating systems. From DOS to Linux to Cisco IOS. We hope this becomes a resource that you can contribute and pull knowledge from.

Coming right out of the Ideaserved Studios we've launched another free service. Ready for it? *drumroll* Filedorm.com - Free media host which when we say free we mean it. Free hosting for images, videos and flash files. Perfect for those who blog, use myspace, ebay, or forums.

When people ask "What is my ip" you can tell them to head over to http://www.grabmyip.com The fastest and easiest way to determine your current ip address. Handy for people on remote wifi connections, dynamic broadband ips and other connections. Bookmark us and return anytime

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