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Wireless Access Point

Access Point - An Access Point (also known as AP) is typically a hardware or computer software that acts as the central communication point for wireless devices. This AP broadcasts the signal within it's range for these local wireless devices. Typically an AP is connected up to a LAN or WAN network.

Wireless Access Points have experienced an explosion among home users in the late 90s, as more and more house holds became internet users and wanted to connect more than one PC to the network. The Wireless lan allows home users to bypass the tangled mess of Cat5 wires. With the easy to setup out of the box systems, many homes enjoy wirless networking.

Important Note about Security
Sice the explosion of wireless networking among home users has grown over the years, so has the number of unsecured home wireless networks. Your network is broadcasting a signal, often times far outside your home. Without proper security steps in place (WEP AND WAP), many other users are able to gain access to your network. Please take the time to secure your wireless network as best as possible.
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